What our customers have to say about H+H...

I got given the Face Mud for my birthday and what a wonderful surprise! My skin was smoother and radiantly glowing the next morning! My skin type is oily and combination and is prone to breakouts. This has calmed my skin and cleared out congestion and impurities. The Face Mud is an unique way of cleansing your face and it feels heavenly with every application. It gets rid of makeup, exfoliates gently and is suitable for daily use. I adore the natural scent, the beautiful packaging and the high quality ingredients. I have been using overly expensive products for many years and I am so happy I have found this. I am now an absolute devotee to Herbs & Hearts. Since then I have purchased the entire range. Currently I am using the Face Mud, Skin Tonic, Elixir and the Cell Gell. Not only it is beneficial on your skin, it feels good and uplifts you. I have gifted it to a friend and she also loves it too! 
Thank you for creating such lovely products!
— Christine Đ, Melbourne
Was fortunate to receive the whole range as a gift and all the products are lovely. Currently obsessed with the Aloe Whip which is so light but extremely hydrating, and the elixir as an instant pick-me-up for sleep deprived skin. Thank you H+H!
— Ellie V, Sydney
I have tried all of Herbs & Heart products and I love them! The skin tonic, face mud, and aloe whip are my faves! I use the skin tonic and aloe whip daily. The combo leaves my skin refreshed and silky smooth. The skin tonic is also useful for getting off my make up when I don’t want to use cleanser. I exfoliate with face mud a few times a week. It feels good to be putting products on my face that I could almost eat and at an affordable cost. I highly recommend this range!
— Jira S, Sydney
I think I have found my new favourite night time product! I was immediately obsessed with the smell as soon as I opened the Jar (can we talk about the beautiful packaging as well) Face Mud is incredible, I am usually not the biggest of fans of emulsion products... but this just gets it right! My skin feels incredible, smooth & hydrated.
— Shannon G, Queensland
In short, AMAZING! I live in the crazy polluted Jakarta and stumbled into H&H stall at Paddington Market on my long weekend in Sydney. The face mud has made my skin smooth and subtle, and all my acne has faded away. The cell gel smells amazing and adsorb in one second! When you wear makeup, it makes an amazing base as well. Definitely has become my HG skin care from now on!
— Duhita P, Jakarta
The nicest skincare range I have ever used! I used to be a Clinique shopper but my skin has never felt or looked as it has since I’ve started using Herbs and Heart.
— Elizabeth V, Sydney
I have been using the Aloe whip and Face Mud for a week now and I absolutely love them both. My skin has not felt and looked so good in a very long time! I cannot wait to try out the rest of the products.
— Janesha V, WA
THE most amazing skincare! I’ve always been a fan of keeping skincare as natural and authentic as possible, but have struggled to find products that are this, AND give the results I love - until Herbs & Heart! The Aloe Whip is amazing, and feels like heaven on your skin. Great work Herbs & Heart - I’m so impressed.
— Kate D, Sydney
I usually do not believe in skin care because I find they do little or nothing at all for me. I tried out Herbs and Heart and I could actually see a MAJOR difference. At the end of the day my eyeliner/mascara would smudge without fail, due to my oily skin. I use the aloe whip moisteriser (from Herbs and Heart) to moister my face before applying make up and crazy enough my make up is still on point 15 hours later, not even one smudge! I thought my skin got better from changing my diet but the next day I used my normal moisteriser to test it and my make up smudged again. From this, I can positively conclude that the Aloe Whip cream actually works!! I have used so many expensive moisturisers which does its job - moister my skin, but never has a moisturiser made my make up last like the Aloe Whip. My intention when purchasing wasn’t to expect the cream to do this for me (what a bonus). I also love the face mud because when I wash my face, I can actually open my eyes without it stinging! How incredible is that?! Did I mention the ingredients are all natural, vegan and chemical free?! Probably why it doesn’t sting my eyes! The amazing thing I noticed about the moisturizer is that it absorbs into my skin right away and I don’t spend the time trying to smear the excess all around my face. It’s not a slimy texture and I think my skin just craves the natural ingredients of these amazing products. Thank you so much for creating such incredible things that ACTUALLY work!!! Herbs and Heart is my holy grail. I have only tried these 2 products but I cannot wait to try the whole range.
— Jenny P, Melbourne
So, I’ve been working on eliminating nasties from my beauty bag this year & simplifying my routine with products that are both natural & nourishing. Let me introduce you to Herbs & Heart -I’ve been using the Skin Tonic + Aloe Whip day and night since it arrived & I am LOVING these Aussie products (not to mention the beautiful glass packaging). Plus 10% of sales go to Earth saving initiatives!
— Nicky L, Sydney
Its just amazing. I used it and overnight my skin felt great. The very next day i was suggesting it to my friends and family. Finally my search for a quality skin care product has come to an end.
— Sonal D, Bahrain
No chemicals , all natural , few minutes involved to do a skin care routine and actually softer skin. This brand actually delivers , what it’s supposed to do. Absolutely love it!
— Nikita M, Sydney
So earthy and natural. Do wonders for my skin and the environment. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.
— Katie H, New Zealand
The best thing to could do for your skin! My morning and night ritual would be incomplete without a little bit of Herbs & Heart.
— Julia L, Sydney
I headed into Paddington markets today and came across Herbs&Heart. Came straight home to test it out and absolutely love it. Such natural, earth-considerate products!
Was such a joy to talk to you today! Very sweet and passionate! Will definitely recommend others and be buying more for myself.
— Chloe P, SA
Tried out this Herbs & Heart Face Mud facial cleaner today. If you’re always looking to try new natural and organic products, like me, I definitely recommend this one. It’s super nourishing to your skin and makes your face feel and look great!
— Nathalie, Queensland
Beautiful natural products, and packaged with so much style and love! Exactly what I have been searching for in a skincare range.
— Alina J, Newcastle
For the past 7 years I have tried to get my man Andy to moisturise his face. With the help of face mud, skin tonic and cell gell, my husband now has a skin care routine he is so proud of... and has requested a life time supply!
— Zenia D, Sydney
Last week I’ve purchased a travel-size set containing face mud, aloe whip and a lip balm and what can I say, I loved them all! Personally, I’m quite skeptical when it comes to changing or trying out a new line of skincare. The owner, has been very lovely explaining all her products and ingredients to me and I decided to give them a try. After using Face Mud and Aloe Whip constantly for a week, I began to see some remarkable changes on my skin. Face Mud left my skin feel soft and silkily smooth every time without irritation. I can surprisingly use it daily as my cleanser. Aloe Whip, omg, smells A-mazing! Very hydrating and soothing without stickiness. All ingredients are natural and you can identify them, whereas most skincare on the market are full of chemicals. We are conscious of what we eat, why not what we put on our lovely skin as well!
Ps. Just recently bought a value set of Core Three today! Herbs & Heart is hands down one of the best skincare lines I’ve ever used!!!
— Jayla C, Sydney
After giving up added sugar for the last 36 days my skin has been driving me up the wall!! Breakouts like I’ve never experienced. Puberty didn’t even give me skin as bad as this, what an absolute joke. Anyway, after using @herbsnheart {scrub, moisturiser & elixr) for a few days I can already feel the difference. Smooth, blemish-free, self-loving skin! Not to mention, the bottles look great on my shelf!
— Shayelle L, Sydney
What an amazing product!!! I thought it was time for me to really invest in my skin care and came across Herbs & Heart... What a wonderful product to use on a daily basis! This skin care range feels like I have gone to a spa and had a treatment. I’ve had the product for under a week and am loving it already! Cannot wait to see what my skin will look like after using it regularly, considering it feels amazing already. Thank you Jumana for this magnificent product and for explaining your products to me. Here’s to healthy skin :D - Highly recommend! xoxo
— Alexandra T, Sydney
Today I’ve been pampering myself with Herbs & Heart skincare products to make me feel better while I have strep...I absolutely love the face mud. It is a different consistency then I have ever seen in a face mask but my skin feels amazing after.
— Jade, Gold Coast