A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start


This wonderful deluxe gift set is everything you need to completely overhaul your beauty routine and start fresh with lush, toxin free products, crafted straight from natures pantry.

Start with the “Face Mud”, our miracle do it all product. Use this as a cleanser daily, mixing just a little mud between wet palms and massaging this soft mixture rich with Manuka Honey to deeply purify the skin. If you aren’t in a rush, leave on for just an extra few minutes and allow your skin to absorb the goodness of over 20 fruit & plant extracts that rejuvanate and gently exfoliate to reveal healthy, radiant skin.

Follow this with a spritz of “Skin Tonic”. A toner that rescues your skin, our Skin Tonic instantly calms redness and irritated skin, especially working wonders on any pesky blemishes, helping to heal and soothe quickly.

Then apply a generous lathering of “Cell Gel”, this water based hydration gel is perfect to quench dehydrated skin, with actives of cucumber, orange blossom and rosehip, the Cell Gel brightens the skin and helps with evening skin tone.

The “Aloe Whip” is our perfect all rounder moisturiser for the face. A potent blend of Aloe Vera, Camellia & Oats, this whip is the ultimate in hydration, gliding on smoothly and drying off with a silky touch.

Our “Elixir” serum is packed full of enriching anti-oxidants, skin-repairing vitamins and essential fatty acids, with a touch of gold that manifests in naturally radiant, glowing Skin; making Elixir a perfect under make up primer as well. Enzymes of the Green Coffee bean soothe puffy eyes and reduce the appearance of under eye dark circles, we’ve nicknamed this ‘8 hours of sleep in a bottle!’

Finish this off with “Forest Nourish” for the body. A blend of superstar Hemp Seed, nourishing Mango & Babassu butters, with Wild Lavender and Oak Moss, this rich lotion for the hands and body is sure to leave you encased in a forest fresh feeling.

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