Chapter 1

Once upon a time...

Long before Herbs & Heart was a reality, there was a burning desire to contribute to a new way of thinking. We live in a world of over consumption, where being spoilt for choice has left us making blind decisions. When trends, and celebrity endorsed products become an obsession in society, despite no credibility of the product being any good, it seems, making misinformed decisions is now acceptable.

This is truly jarring in the case of Skincare. Consumers hold a high regard of established companies, believing false marketing gimmicks, and trusting their products to be effective, and most importantly safe. After all, with millions of dollars spent in R&D, we’d think that would be the case, right?

It’s alarming how many companies abuse this trust. In Australia, over 9000 chemicals are introduced everyday, but only a handful are regulated, with many not even listed in the public database. What’s worse is it seems to be common practice for companies to keep around 20% of chemicals off the label, some choosing to veil these chemicals under terms of ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’.

We had to do something.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’; thus one sunny Sydney morning, a natural skincare line was introduced - one that offered an alternative to nasty chemicals whilst proving to be more effective than anything to come out of a lab.

This was the beginning of Herbs & Heart.

H+H to us is the opportunity to empower the consumer. We see a future where you can have it all. Flip over your product, and actually understand what it is you are reading. Be fully informed on the key bio actives in your skincare, and how they are benefitting your skin. Stand up to corporations who have put blinders over your eyes, fillers in your products and charged you their weight in gold.

Our hope is to build our product line to encompass every need in your cosmetic closet, in the future providing a service of individually customised skincare for your unique needs.

After all, you are not off the shelf, so why should your skin care be?