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The Exfoliation Myth

Everywhere we look, it seems like some helpless cosmetic greenhorn is panicking about how much they should exfoliate, or, more explicitly, not exfoliate. Dozens of ‘experts’ line up, saying it’s bad for you; it’ll dry out your skin. Admittedly, over-scrubbing can be a big problem. But exfoliation and scrubbing aren’t the same thing. In fact, you probably exfoliate every day and don’t even notice.

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10 Bad Skin habits you are probably guilty of

Everybody’s got ‘em; those bad habits that we know we should stop but just can’t get around to dropping them. Whether you’re touching your face, not washing it everyday, or forgetting to remove your makeup before bed, you’ve already heard the lectures. But what about those habits that you don’t know are bad? Well, here they are! Drop them fast!

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The Packaging matters

If you use natural products, you may think you’re making the smartest choice. Supercharged with nutrients, all-natural products have fewer toxins and fewer health risks. But what your product is made out of is only half of what goes on your skin. The other half is what it goes in. Read here about the package your beloved products come in, and how they affect that that you put on yourself!

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