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It's ok to be a little Sensitive...

In the excitement of getting a new product from the jar to your face in less than a millisecond (yep, we totally get it!) you’ll miss an important step. Before taking a new product for spin, it’s crucial to try a patch test. 

Patch testing is applying a small amount of a new product, before dousing yourself in it, to see how your skin reacts. It’s a simple step that can save you a lot of discomfort and help you pinpoint what products may be causing your skin dilemmas. It’s especially important if you have sensitive skin! Here’s how you patch test and what to look out for.

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Talk The Talk (Part 1)

Anti...what? Hydroxi...huh?  It’s an ingredient jungle out there and reading skin care labels can be hella confusing! We don’t want you to be in the dark about the products you’re using on your face, you deserve to know what skincare companies are selling you. To help you out, we’re putting together a Talk The Talk blog series. Over numerous  posts, we’ll give you the lowdown on 100’s of common (and not so common) skin care terms and how they relate to your skin. 

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Ode to Avocados

Avocado is a truly remarkable fruit, well deserving of the Superfood title. Rich in vitamins A,B,D, lecithin and fatty acids, this ancient superfood was loved by the Aztecs of Mexico and it’s thick, emerald green oil is an amazing natural skin care. Both the quick acting oil of the avocado and the fresh flesh deliver hydrating, regenerating and protective results for a happy, healthy complexion. Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful ways this Superfood nourishes your skin.

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Something Smells Fishy...

If you keep an eye on your ingredient list, you’ll probably realize just how common “fragrance” is. With 10,000 products using them, scented products cover anywhere from a third to a half of the cosmetic shelves. But you probably don’t know just what type of chemical “fragrance” is. Turns out, it isn’t a single chemical, but a mixture of 5,000 different chemicals. Using anywhere from 15 to 50 ingredients, packagers have a centillion of choices they add to cosmetics.

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The PH Balancing Act

Life is all about balance, right? When it comes to our skin, we need to apply the same mantra. Maintaining a healthy pH balance is super important for your complexion, as all sorts of skin issues arise when our pH balance isn’t right. Unfortunately, ifyou don’t understand how to regulate the pH level of your skin, the products you use could be doing more harm than good! Let’s unravel what the pH level is, why it’s important and how to get yourself a balanced, happy complexion.

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Our Three Favourite Oils

Delving into the world of oils can be difficult for a first-timer. Between misleading advertisements meant to sell, sell, sell, and a brand new set of terms and language you don’t understand, you’re probably worried to even try. We're intent on informing our wonderful customers to make natural skincare easy, so we thought why not start with writing a small summary of our 3 absolute favourite oils first?

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Miracles of the Dead Sea

Cleopatra is history’s most notorious fashionista. Spending the equivalent of billions on daily skincare, she attributed her famed beauty to the mystical healing powers of the Dead Sea, even going so far as to attempt to buy the sea. Instead, she settled on building a string of spas on its shores. Read more to find out more about this incredible white crystal!

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The Exfoliation Myth

Everywhere we look, it seems like some helpless cosmetic greenhorn is panicking about how much they should exfoliate, or, more explicitly, not exfoliate. Dozens of ‘experts’ line up, saying it’s bad for you; it’ll dry out your skin. Admittedly, over-scrubbing can be a big problem. But exfoliation and scrubbing aren’t the same thing. In fact, you probably exfoliate every day and don’t even notice.

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