Less is More

You don’t need a swag of beauty products to rock a happy, healthy complexion. Let’s get minimalist and ditch the complicated 10 step beauty routine for a few smart, multi functional products. Cut down on products and discover what you skin really needs, what’s hurting it and how the earth and your bathroom cabinet will thank you.

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Downsize your beauty products to clear up troubled skin

Angry, unruly skin can be the uncomfortable result of a reaction to skincare ingredients. It’s tricky to pinpoint what exactly is causing your skin's distress when using multiple products with a bunch of different ingredients. Eczema, breakouts, acne and nasty skin issues can ease when we take a more simplified approach and pare down on product layering. Like removing specific foods from our diets when diagnosing gut issues, removing ingredients from our beauty routines can help identify the culprits.

This is especially helpful for sensitive skin which can be absolutely menaced by multiple products. Be patient and persist with a low key beauty routine, you’ll be rewarded with a healthy, clearer complexion, no longer ravaged by multiple ingredients and chemicals that don’t agree with it.


Less means you discover which ingredients do an amazing job

On the flip side of paring back on products to reduce irritation, when you’re working with  less ingredients, it’s easier to get familiar with the ones that really do an amazing job.

This empowers you to make smart decisions when navigating labels and identifying the right product for you, based on past experience. Discovering your skin’s hero ingredient could mean the difference between breaking out and a clear, beautiful complexion. We want to make it super simple to identify those beautifully natural ingredients that really serve your skin. Our transparent labelling means need to be a scientist to understand what our products are made of!


Be kind to the earth by consuming less

Indulging your skin doesn’t have to harm the earth. One multi purpose product can do the job of two or three, meaning less packaging and chemicals ending up in landfill. With thousands products on offer, the market for skin care fosters a crazy consuming culture of more, more, more. Not only does it mean we buy more, our confidence can take a hit too. All these products we’re told we ‘need’ to ‘fix’ all the skin ‘problems’ we have.  So many products are superfluous, created simply to be the next new thing to probe  our insecurities and  convince us to dig deeper into our wallets.

As an eco-conscious brand, it’s our  moral responsibility not encourage reckless consumption. We’re empowering you to to make sustainable choices by creating products that do more with less, created from ethically sourced ingredients.


Less products means less maintenance

Who wouldn’t love to squeeze a bit more time from the day? A less is more approach to beauty will buy you back some extra time on the clock thanks to a simplified morning routine. We believe great skin care doesn’t mean spending hours in the bathroom following 10 step beauty routines. When one multifunctional product is doing the job of several, you’ll be rewarded with a low maintenance routine - minimise your product collection and maximise your time! Your wallet will be better off too.


Say hello to a beautifully clutter free cabinet

A happy benefit of paring down the products is a Pinterest worthy clutter free bathroom cabinet. Starting your day with a clear, spacious bathroom is a welcome change from opening the door to a cabinet rammed full of products and clutter. You’ll be able to keep a closer eye on usage, expiry dates and not buy products you already have because you couldn’t find them squashed at the back!