10 Bad Skin habits you are probably guilty of

Everybody’s got ‘em; those bad habits that we know we should stop but just can’t get around to dropping them. Whether you’re touching your face, not washing every day, or forgetting to remove your makeup before bed, you’ve already heard the lectures. But what about those habits that you don’t know are bad? Well, here they are! Drop them fast!


Habit #1. Sweating in the Chemicals

Forgetting to take off makeup before your gym time is a typical problem. We get it. You’re at the gym on a lunchbreak, between meetings, or while the kids are off at a playdate. You’re just thankful you got there, but your face isn’t so happy. Your sweaty cycling has just opened your pores, and all of that makeup, now infused with dirt and bacteria, seeps in. It leads to “acne cosmetica" breakouts; thick dark patches of pimples. Make sure you take off any make before you get there, so you don’t clog your pores.

Habit #2. Don’t Watch Your Back…

Or neck, chest, and shoulders. Equally as exposed as your face and more delicate, the skin on the top of your torso is already at a disadvantage. They need the same hydration and sun protection as your face. They also need more cleansing action than the rest of your skin. Because the touch the edges of your shirt where grease and germs from your hands collect and the greasy products on your hair, be extra sure to get them clean.

Habit #3. Drowning in the desert

“Drink eight cups of water every day” has been drilled into our heads since 1976. Today, most people recognize why water’s good for you. It keeps you hydrated, it prevents muscle strain, it softens skin and smooths wrinkles. But too many of us forget for most of the day and then squeeze it all in at once. Your body can only handle one liter of water per hour, so deciding to chug three water bottles in that same time period isn’t going to help. Because the excess water has to go somewhere, it can be dangerous. Water intoxication can cause headaches, nausea, even death.

Habit #4. All the Surf in the world ain’t gonna clean your dirty laundry

If you’re like most people, you wash your clothes after every wear, maybe three or four for jeans. But generally speaking, shirts, underwear, and pajamas should be washed thoroughly after every single time. But the soap you’re using on your clothes, towels, and bedding are pretty darn toxic, and having them up against your skin and face can cause infections, irritations and rashes. Switch to a zero-toxin version, or replace your soaps with natural alternatives. *We’ve heard baking soda and vinegar work wonders!

Habit # 5. An Abrasive Manner

Exfoliation is should be a nightly step in your cleaning process, between taking off your makeup and using a cleanser. It flakes off dead skin, prevents pores from clogging and helps your creams work on new skin instead of dead stuff. But using products that are too abrasive can dry out your skin, leaving it red and itchy. Make sure whatever you’re using is gentle.

Habit #6. Grunge is dead

Washing grungy makeup brushes is like making your bed; everyone says it’ll be good for you, but why bother if you’re just going to use them again. But it’s the same reason for both: it keeps out microscopic invaders. Makeup brushes hold and transfer skin oils, dirt from reapplications, and any water they might be set down in. This leads to clogged pores, breakouts, and bacterial infections. Wash your brushes every two to three weeks with a gentle shampoo and let them dry overnight.

Habit #7. Huddled Up, Doubled Up

With the vast array of products at your fingertips and so many blogs having a mile-long list of things you should be using, it’s not hard to find yourself with a dozen different products you’re using every day. But be careful! Doubling up on products can lead to dangerous reactions. Sometimes, you’ll just cancel out active ingredients. Other times, you can cause irritation or skin damage. Be on the lookout for vitamin c, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, and retinol, the biggest culprits, in the ingredient list, or buy a complete program that’s been developed to work together.

Habit #8. I’m Addicted to You, Don’t You Know That You’re Toxic?

Just like your brain, your skin gets addicted to products. Ingredients in things like chap stick, acne wash, and moisturizer are actually there to cause dryness or extra acne once someone stops using it, so you’re forced to buy more. Take a step back for a few weeks and see if you’re face or lips go back to normal.

Habit #9. Too Hot – Hot Damn!

You already know that blow-dryers, curling irons, and straighteners are bad your hair but it’s also really bad for your skin! The extreme heat can cause dryness, make your pores open, and even break capillaries permanently.

Habit #10. The Vegans Were Right

Okay. Everybody knows they’re supposed to eat right. Don’t have sugar, don’t eat processed garbage, stay away from soda. But excessive meat and meat product can have the same effect on your skin that too much sugar has. They’re both highly acidic, which can cause breakouts and excessive grease. However, excessive amounts of protein and iron can cause all sorts of problems, including skin darkening, jaundice, skin rashes, and dehydration. Be sure to keep 80% of your diet alkaline and raw for the healthiest skin possible.

*Please don’t use baking soda and vinegar at the same time. We’ll not be held responsible for turning your washer into a volcano.